Our Audit Services

Based on review and evaluation of the audit assignment and the related work specifications, the firm will prepare a detailed work program showing the nature, timing and extent of procedures considered necessary to achieve the specification and requirements. The detailed work program is then reviewed and approved by the engagement partner and the audit manager before the audit commence.

As part of our normal practice on all assignments undertaken by the firms, we keep complete record of:-

- The planning process of each work carried out
- Steps taken and procedures carried out in performance of the work and their results
- Conclusions drawn and recommendation considered appropriate in given situations
- Information relevant to the work specification and continuing basis e.g. assignments extending beyond stipulated period.
These records constitute our working papers, which support the conclusions we reach for the purpose of reporting.

Auditing Scope of Services

- Statutory audits
- Value for money audits
- Project audits
- Fraud investigations
- VAT audits
- VAT investigations
- System audits
- Forensic audits

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We offer the following range of services:-

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